LA Times Raves:


"Anne LeBaron's "Radiant Depth Unfolded" for soprano and baritone was a main course...the major news of the day.


Fresh voices are necessary for "Radiant Depth," but so is sensitive restraint...Jesse Malgieri and pianist Gloria Kim concentrated on capturing exquisite intricacies of sonorities, giving the impression of whispering truisms directly in each listener's ears.


"Poems are rough notations for the music we are," Rumi ends the beautiful final song of the cycle. LeBaron let the sentiment resonate, as though it might ring on and on as motto for singers in a celestial SongFest."


Mark Swed

Los Angeles Times

June 23, 2015


A Little Night Music,

the Princeton Festival, 2016

"As the Count, Jesse Malgieri gives one of the night’s funniest performances, and he’s a terrific singer as well. He and Mr. Hu are just great during “It Would Have Been Wonderful.” -, Anthony Stoeckert

"Malgieri added yet another magnificent layer to this production, which was topped off by strong acting" -

"I’d love to get my hands on that spectacular hussar’s unifor, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t look as good in it as did on Jesse Malgieri playing Count Carl-Magnus and singing the role with power and style." -, Toby Grace



Man of La Mancha, the Princeton Festival, 2017


"a summer gem. Malgieri startled from the first notes, his voice transcended the space. Malgieri renders Quixote as visionary, confident, focused."


-John Timpane, music critic for Philidelphia Inquirer and


Malgieri holds the show together as Cervantes/Quixote. His voice is wonderful and he captures the essence of this character, the nobility, the pride, the optimism.

-Anthony Stoeckert,

Jesse Malgieri, as Don Quixote, was absolutely magnificent. Mr. Malgieri looked, acted and sang the part to perfection. Comparing performances is always dangerous, but I feel confident in saying that Mr. Malgieri was fully equal to the performance given by Richard Kiley in the original production at Washington Square Theater in 1965 — a performance that catapulted Kiley into stardom. 1965 was a long time ago, and I was but a mere youth, but I knew then what I liked, just as I do now. Kiley’s performance blew me away, and I cannot say that Mr. Malgieri did so to any lesser degree. He was great.

- Toby Grace,

To the dual role of Cervantes and Quixote, Jesse Malgieri brings a rich baritone voice and a heroic resolve. While Malgieri loses some of Quixote’s vulnerability, he aptly portrays the character’s determination to pursue his quest, however imagined or misguided. Malgieri’s performance of Quixote’s two signature songs — “The Impossible Dream” and the rousing “I, Don Quixote” — is worthy of Richard Kiley and Brian Stokes Mitchell, both of whom performed the role on Broadway.





New York Times Review

Four Nights of Dream 

New York City, 2017


"It was splendidly performed by the Japanese players and a small vocal cast...Jesse Malgieri was a winsome idler" - James R. Oestreich


Photos by Ayumi Sakamoto, NYTimes

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